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 Lotus love
10.04.2017 11:56

Her love, must be in June began a Acacia. Or why the height of the sun after a direct, her cheeks immediately infected with a pink rouge color, the United States and the flow of the flow of gestures?
Layers of Pinnacle lotus leaf, airtight, squeeze each other, are peeping this life and death of love. Who stole her heart, so that the red cheek leaked the secret, so that love news spread like wildfire, so that rumors spread more than she embrace love speed.
What is she? What kind of gossip? She decided not to do a forbidden lotus, only secretly longing for love sweet. So, one into the hot summer, she decided to regardless of regardless of the bloom.
She was open, careful, careful, reserved, and disturbed who was quiet. Then boundless lotus leaf infinite Bi, a pool of water according to Fu Fu. At the moment, she is a Wan in the water of the central Lingbo fairies. She opened the heart, revealing the fragrant yellow core, that small house ready to place a soft lotus seeds, here is her heart, and others to take, waiting for a love of the city.
Breeze swaying a pool of lotus leaves, is her green skirt, she jumped the dance of this Seduction, exudes intoxicating fragrance, so that people from afar for her gaze and look for her a thousand years.
She stood there, incense overflowing, Tingting stems straight. So quiet, but also so warm, such as a tie Song Ci, but also graceful, but also bold.
She, shocked.
She, Gu Ying self-pity.
She is a desperate love in full bloom in the red lotus, hard bloom, just let him see, a shocked heart, shocked the soul, and then in her charm, willing to bow in her pomegranate skirt slaves, this Is the temporary victory of love? Of course, she will do this love in the queen, and he went to a happy love. Which thought later, what is the future look, do not know, just so rampant love like nothing.
A lotus in full bloom, must contain every wonderful moment of love, met, attracted, Xiangzhi, love, and then love the buds open white defeat. Can you stay modest? The kind of pretend lofty and aloof, unless it is not in love, or must not do.
I like the beauty of this lotus and swaying, more style! More Jieao! This is a lotus life in the most brilliant performance, her self-knowledge, her bravery, in fact, are to live up to this most beautiful time. Such as women, age enchanting, met loved ones, must be forced to love.
Some people say that too much in full bloom is to show off, it is frivolous. However, spend half the day, always make many fate pass, missed after the distressed, not as good as love after the stranger. Because, finally did not miss it, she gave him the best time, he gave her the most beautiful time.
I like the lotus flower. Such a person to see her, look at her Allure looks like to see her waiting to see her love, see her more solid. She has been on, in a pool of clear waves. Sometimes to meet the obscene eyes and funny joking. Yes! Who knows this lotus? Who is at home with her? The tacky man is absolutely not worthy of being. She can not tolerate any stains, those green skirts, any wind and rain down, always spotless. In a field after the storm, still green to drop, bright and eye-catching.
In fact, a woman, a lotus, when the most beautiful? Of course, in love, when the love of the wind came, the days and the ground is not the same, is so wide and so small, sometimes not seen every day Sanqiu, sometimes too close in front of too far away. That vast world, no matter how bustling, coming and going of the flow of people, always one can distinguish him out, these are the moving details of love. Experienced love of people, all know that a mighty, how much love and sweet are not enough.
And in front of these flirtatious emotions, the United States and the flow of the lotus, is not the same? To understand her presence, to perceive a lotus wind raving, be a kind of know, you know her, she also understand you, be regarded as a love in the know it
See these lotus bloom, that is cold and style, that is glamorous and proudly, lotus narcissistic in the luxury is actually a luxury to know, no more than love this matter, easier to understand a person, and the encounter of course, of course The
So let me see her, see a lotus open event, to know a lotus love.


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